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Friday, July 18, 2003


If there is one thing that the French don't surrender, it is there claim to being a great language. This means defending it from all sources of hostile attack. Granted, we have our own little problems with the PC thought police, but one wonders why anybody listens to the French anymore anyways.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003


Since religion seems to be the theme of the day, let me say that people like this give thoughtful religious people a very bad name. However, they are great for ticking our funny bone. You really, really must read this laugh out loud site. Common Sense gives it a 50-50 chance of being a parody, but I looked up Dr. Richard Paley and he's been around the block a few times -- so if this is a parody, it is one that is remarkably extensive.

Seriously, read this link. It is sooooo hilarious.

Hat tip: Common Sense & Wonder.

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And I thought my blog sucked.

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Nick from Ranting Rationalist in the comments to "Lite Brite" below said that he didn't know of any atheists or agnostics that feel oppressed. Well, God must work in mysterious ways because this just popped up on Newsweek (via

Here's the headline:

Play Ball, Not Prayers
‘God Bless America’ is not a song, but an oppressive patriotic dirge. Our columnist believes it’s time to drop it from the game

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I know it is immature and juvenile to mock the French, but they make it soooooo easy.

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Monday, July 14, 2003


Well, not exactly, but I thought the photo from MSNBC's "Week in Pictures" was probably the most interesting one I've seen in quite awhile. Click on Photo #6.

I put this picture up as my wallpaper and Mrs. Lemon walked in. The conversation went as follows:

Mrs. Lemon (ML): "Wow, that's a cool picture. What is it?"
John Lemon (JL): "Its like some cows and a burning tanker truck or something."
ML: "Oh, that's not too cool. Why don't you put a picture of you son up there?"
JL: "I dunno. Has he been standing in a pasture by a burning tanker truck lately?"
ML: "John, he's your son."
JL: "Yeah, but these are cows and a burning tanker truck. You can't say that you see that everyday. But now I can because I put it on my computer."

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An updated version of a Bob Marley song? No, just another average day of trying to structure incentives to elicit a series of beneficial norms for society.

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